The Realest Spit I Ever Wrote

by Dell Feddi

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'The Realest Spit I Ever Wrote' is Dell Feddi's 2nd Mixtape and 8th Album overall. In this 9 song collection you'll hear songs Like One Step, Mercy Me, Baby Girl, Str8 Gas'n and more.
I've put some of my realest and truest words and thoughts into this album! I believe that lyrically, this is one of my best releases.
I feel that 'The Realest Spit I Ever Wrote' is one of those albums that will make you remember everything you've missed about Rap & Hip-Hop!


released December 16, 2014

All Songs Written By: Dell Feddi

All Songs Recorded At Knock Official Studios

All Rights Reserved By Breadwinner's Entertainment



all rights reserved
Track Name: Str8 Gas'n
Im tryin to suitcase my big face
While puttin 8ths in a blunt shape
Her jello shake while i throw ones
Her pole game is so on
These marks pose us no harm
We strapped like these hoes bras
Blacked out we so gone
But act out wit no qualms
Folds palms they balled up
We hoggin and turnt up
They follwin like twiteras and instagram
They fiendin bad
Till the seman splash
And they leave the pad
Once the sleep is catched
We'll repeat again
In too deep
I'm James Todd
ladies love
So they praise god
Mercedes girls
They roll hard
With Shirley curls
N no flaws
This blockbuster
They co stars
Usa block buster and so broad
I'm in a coupe with the roof gone
Drinkin hunnid proof like its boons farm
Shes in a suit like a new born
Actin wild like she do porn
they Toots horns we so raw
Perform and get broke off
We willin out
nick cannon
Mic check im straight gasin
Track Name: SurfBoard
Drunk in love
nothin new to us
I be screwin her and schoolin her
So much better than the usua
She sing about it on record
Cz its good to her
I let her ride just see that look
When she close her eyes
Like is he that good
Wrap me wit her thighs
When she receive that push
We mesmerized
In a suite on full
We don't bull
Or play no games
She's scream my name
like she's mad
I kiss her neck amd pull her hair
And watch it shake
When I slap ass
Smoke bluntz in the aftermath
We Relapse
To them weed sacks
I gt what she want
She need that
Everything she give
Receive that